Music Videos

This page showcases my music videos and music related videos.

The Pictures Generation – Exhausted

The music video that I edited for The Pictures Generation is live!  The song “Exhausted” is great.  I think you will all love the work that we did.

an industrial ballet

video produced by Matthew Kent and Charlie Kirby

edited by Charlie Kirby

Music and Lyrics by Matthew Kent (C) 2012 performed by The Pictures Generation

Mozim and Infinity – Are You Out There? (LIVE)

Mozim Messiah and Infinity perform their original song “Are You Out There” during a live performance at the NEBY Fest 2007 side stage, with special guests Akka and Badi.  This hip hop love song is really sweet and about meeting that special once in a lifetime true love.  I think you will enjoy it.  

MultiCamera shoot directed, edited and color corrected on Avid by Charlie Kirby.
demo reels


Nasan Fitz Henley (Mozim Messiah) explores and shares deeper meanings and spiritual themes in the lyrics to his original song “E.B.T – N.Y.C.”  (Entry By Troops – New York City).

Topics explored: Progression and striving for better in our lives.  Living for the fame? Creating music for inner and social nobility.  Why living for fame leaves us weak and exposed to the whims of others. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. Dr. Joy DeGruy’s theories of why African American’s act and think they way they do, their residual behaviors from trans-Atlantic slave trade passed down over generations, and why this needs to be remedied. Music is a remedy. Why Mozim’s music is inspired by the message of Baha’u’llah, which is a healing message for humanity.

I edited this video with Avid.


Mozim Messiah and Akka perform their original song “E.B.T – NYC”  (Entry By Troops – New York City) during a live performance in Brooklyn NYC.

MultiCamera shoot directed and edited by Charlie Kirby.  I edited this video with Avid.


I am very proud that this video has generated over 761,000 YouTube hits so far!

Bam The Liquid Robot is a promo reel that I edited for one of my clients. Bam the Liquid Robot is a professional dancer who has performed in feature films, TV commercials and music videos. Bam also produces his own music. He asked me to cut a dancers reel from highlights of his footage over the past 20 years, over one of his own tracks.

I edited this video with Final Cut Pro and After Effects.