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Finishing off a bottle – of flame-throwing gasoline!

It’s been said that, “You can always count on Charlie to finish off a bottle.”

What they meant was, a bottle of flame-throwing gasoline!

In this chapter of The Charlie Kirby Show!, while visiting Utah, Charlie gets to use a flame thrower … for agricultural purposes of course.


My three nieces do to the Polar Bear Plunge every New Year’s Day. They’ve all been involved for the past 6 years or so. It’s an event to raise funds for charities and help out those in need.  In 2016 we decided that it would be fun to make a short video to capture the spirit of the event. I’d like to share it again in 2018!

Happy New Year Friends!!!

First 48 Presents – The Killer Verdict

Here is a short form/webisode that I edited for “The First 48 Presents – The Killer Verdict” in which the horror of a murder, and the drama of an unpredictable courtroom trial are recreated.  In this episode, a shooting on a desolate Florida beach, leaves a beautiful young woman dead and her wealthy husband wounded with four gunshots.



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