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America … where the righteous will abide and the free assemble

“ALL countries, in the estimation of the one true God, are but one country, and all cities and villages are on an equal footing. Neither holds distinction over another. All of them are the fields of God and the habitation of the souls of men. Through faith and certitude, and the precedence achieved by one over another, however, the dweller conferreth honor upon the dwelling, some of the countries achieve distinction, and attain a preeminent position. For instance, notwithstanding that some of the countries of Europe and of America are distinguished by, and surpass other countries in, the salubrity of their climate, the wholesomeness of their water, and the charm of their mountains, plains and prairies, yet Palestine became the glory of all nations inasmuch as all the holy and divine Manifestations, from the time of Abraham until the appearance of the Seal of the Prophets (Muḥammad), have lived in, or migrated to, or traveled through, that country. Likewise, Mecca and Medina have achieved illimitable glory, as the light of Prophethood shone forth therein. For this reason Palestine and Ḥijáz have been distinguished from all other countries. Likewise, the continent of America is, in the eyes of the one true God, the land wherein the splendors of His light shall be revealed, where the mysteries of His Faith shall be unveiled, where the righteous will abide and the free assemble.

Tablets of the Divine Plan



Melissa – Allman Brothers

I always thought that the Allman bros song Melissa should have had a version of the song from her perspective. The song is about his sentimental infatuation and memory of his relationship with her – but in reality, she may not have the same feelings for him. While he’s been riding freight trains for decades, she moved on with her life, found a mentally and financially stable man, remarried, and her kids are about to graduate school.

But kids need school to learn social skills

“But kids need school to learn social skills.”

That is the biggest argument I hear against home schooling.

But if schools are where kids learn social skills, and the overwhelming majority of adults were educated in public and private schools – then why is the social structure of society, broken?   If social skills are the biggest selling point for public and private schools; and I look around society and witness with my own eyes, the broken product that schools have created, it’s clear to me that school is worthless.


Usually I do laundry in the basement of my apartment building, and it’s just me and the insects and rodents. But today, I went to the shiny, sparkly clean new laundromat. As I was washing my socks and underwear, I realized something. This laundromat isn’t just a place to wash clothes.  It’s packed with single women!  It’s not loud, so I can (and did) strike up conversations. People just sitting around waiting, and they have nothing to do but chit chat.

I think I found a new Saturday night activity  🙂