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But kids need school to learn social skills

“But kids need school to learn social skills.”

That is the biggest argument I hear against home schooling.

But if schools are where kids learn social skills, and the overwhelming majority of adults were educated in public and private schools – then why is the social structure of society, broken?   If social skills are the biggest selling point for public and private schools; and I look around society and witness with my own eyes, the broken product that schools have created, it’s clear to me that school is worthless.


Usually I do laundry in the basement of my apartment building, and it’s just me and the insects and rodents. But today, I went to the shiny, sparkly clean new laundromat. As I was washing my socks and underwear, I realized something. This laundromat isn’t just a place to wash clothes.  It’s packed with single women!  It’s not loud, so I can (and did) strike up conversations. People just sitting around waiting, and they have nothing to do but chit chat.

I think I found a new Saturday night activity  🙂