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Prayer Doesn’t Work?

Angry Person – We don’t need your thoughts and prayers! We need F-ing action! Don’t these F-ing Christians know that prayer doesn’t work! Dammit!

Charlie – I pray that this winter, we get at least 1 foot of snow every week, and at least 1 blizzard in Dec, Jan, Feb, March and a thick coating of ice on April 1st.

Angry Person – What the hell is wrong with you? Why the F would you pray for such a f-ing thing.

Charlie – If you believe that prayer doesn’t work, then why do you care that I pray for blizzards?

Walking Dumb

RIP Walking Dead tv show. AMC turned great source material (graphic novel) and botched the story line with eye candy. I’m done.

I get that Andrew Lincoln wanted to leave and I understand that. However AMC could have let the actor leave gracefully, but keep Rick Grimes in the show; and it could have worked out because of a perfect coincidence in the graphic novel.

Where the TV show story line left off last season, is Rick and Negan’s climactic battle. Where the graphic novel picks up in the next episode after that, is that the story skips ahead many years later, and the story picks up where Carl is a young man, Judith is an adolescent, Rick and Negan are older. Rick is hobbled over by injury. Long story short – AMC could have stuck with the graphic novel story line, and cast an older Rick Grimes.

If you haven’t read the graphic novel – please do. The scenes are so much better.

And a 9 year old girl shooting a Colt Python double action revolver, and hitting targets with perfect aim, is completely ridiculous. I’ve shot .357 magnum handguns. They are mini hand cannons. The recoil is POWERFUL, even for grown men.

Coexist / ☪☮⚥✡☥☯

So my choice today was,

1. Drive 35+ miles to mountain bike in an area where I’m pretty sure hunting season is happening with either a bow, shotgun or muzzle loader (Morris, Sussex, Passaic, Hunterdon counties) -OR-

2. Mountain bike closer to me, but it’s illegal, because hippiecrites in towns like Maplewood, Montclair, Berkeley Heights, don’t know how to share their tens of thousands of acres of parks and many miles of trails with bicyclists, so they pay police to impound bikes. -OR-

3. Don’t ride at all

I chose 1. Because life is short. And I’d rather die doing with I love, than sit in my butt and be safe doing nothing. I stuck to the main trail, wore tie dye clothes, bright red helmet, clamped a rattling device to my handlebars to announce my presence with noise. And I was fine.

Now if we can only get those “tolerant” people in Essex and Union counties to learn to >>>

Coexist / ☪☮⚥✡☥☯



America’s Spiritual Capacities

“For America has developed powers and capacities greater and more wonderful than other nations. While it is true that its people have attained a marvelous material civilization, I hope that spiritual forces may animate this great body and a corresponding spiritual civilization be established. May the inhabitants of this country become like angels of heaven with faces turned continually toward God. May all of them become the servants of the Omnipotent One. May they rise from present material attainments to such a height that heavenly illumination may stream from this center to all the peoples of the world.”

The Promulgation of Universal Peace

16 April 1912 – Talk at Hotel Ansonia to Baha’i’ Friends of New Jersey