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My website mainly focuses on my video editing work. However, because I am an “avid” fan of music (get it? Avid fan … oh never mind. bad pun!) and because I play guitar, I thought “Why not put some of my music theory musings on my website? It could help others and it could help me connect with like minded folks.” So here it is! My music theory blog, stuffed with tips and lessons that I’ve been learning while in the open mic and jam trenches, deep in the swamps of Jersey.

Chord Progressions

Hey Friends!  I created this chart to help me learn chord progressions, musical keys, and the relative major/minor for each key.  I decided that if I shared it, that it might be helpful to others.  If it helps you, or if you have any suggestions on information to add to it, please post a comment below.  🙂 

Chord Progression Chart –

Capo Fear Banished

Not referring to  the movie “Cape Fear”, but those thingies that we put around the fret of a guitar so we can play the same chords, but in a higher key.  I think I banished my fear of playing leads to accompany others who are playing with a capo.  Two simple pieces of info make up this easy equation:
A. What fret the capo is on.
B. What chord shape is first chord.
Then take A and count up that many half steps from B.

Example 1. If capo is on fret 2 and first chord is an Am shape, count 2 half steps up. A#m, Bm. Play leads in Bm scale.

Example 2. Capo is on fret 5. First chord is Dm shape. Count 5 half steps up. D#m, Em, Fm, F#m, Gm. Play leads in Gm scale.

I hope this info is helpful to my fellow guitarists out there.

p.s.  However, if guitarist is playing an augmented suspended ninth chord with a capo, then take A (number of frets up) and multiply that figure by ounces of lighter fluid, which you will pour into the guitar’s soundhole. Add a lit match. Solo is guaranteed to be blazing hot.  LOL!