Should the wealthy pay more?

The question is – Should the wealthy pay more? My answer is yes.

Then the next question becomes, “How?” As in, “How should the wealthy pay more?” Other people’s answer is, They should be taxed more. My answer is, The wealthy should pay more voluntarily. Even the Baha’i Writings prescribe voluntary sharing of one’s wealth.

Then the next question becomes, “Okay, so you think that that wealthy should pay more voluntarily. How do you propose that they will do that?” My answer is, “They have to come to that decision on their own. Teach them the Baha’i Writings, just as you would teach any other person. Teach them the principles of one human family, that serving humanity is good for the person serving, that in the Baha’i Teachings the highest station one can attain is “servant”, that work performed in the spirit of service to others and helping others is a form of worship to God. And we can’t force people to worship, because forcing people to worship is proselytizing. Looked at in that regard, I think that taxes are a form of proselytizing.”

Impossible? No. Challenging? Yes. It might not happen in our lifetime. But it will happen.

The unification of the human race is not only possible, but inevitable.

Mountain Biking In Ice, Slush And Mud

Swamps to the left of me
Boulders to the right
Here I am
Stuck in the middle with ice

Mountain biking on a 6 mile trail covered in ice, slush and cold mud was not the smartest thing I ever did; but it wasn’t the dumbest thing I ever did either. Oh and it sure was fun, and I would gladly do it all over again! 😉

It is also said by historians, that these rocky hills of North Jersey, were partly instrumental in General George Washington winning a war of attrition against the British. I can see why. LOL!

First burrito of 2019!

My first burrito of 2019! Burritos are warm and comforting, like puppies. Except that instead of being covered with fur, they are covered with a tortilla. And except that instead of holding them in your arms, you eat them. But aside from that, they are just as warm and comforting as puppies! I do know for a fact that puppies even like eating burritos.

Served with a side of homemade, tomato, lime, cilantro sauce. And a keyboard in the background.

food. music.
music. food.

First batch of home made cold brew coffee

During Christmas break, a family member was raving about home made cold brew coffee. They warned me up front that I will have to use a LOT more coffee grounds to get it right. With their suggestions in mind, I made my first batch of home made cold brew coffee, and it sure tastes delicious! But I gotta say – even though I loved it, I’m just used to coffee being hot. Also, after 1 week of experimenting with variations on the recipe, I have to say that cold brew coffee does not taste great with a little bit of coffee. Rather, it takes at least 12 to 16 times the amount of coffee grounds, to get a deep, flavorful tasting cup. In the long run, that’s too expensive for me.

So yes, cold brew coffee tastes great. But it’s still COLD, and it’s still expensive. And for me, it’s just not worth the expense. I’m glad I tried it though. You should too. Lemme know how your experiments work and what you think of it.

– – –
My favorite formula was this –

I did 6 ounces coffee. 26 ounces cold water. Let it sit on countertop overnight. It’s like drinking chocolate!

Prayer Doesn’t Work?

Angry Person – We don’t need your thoughts and prayers! We need F-ing action! Don’t these F-ing Christians know that prayer doesn’t work! Dammit!

Charlie – I pray that this winter, we get at least 1 foot of snow every week, and at least 1 blizzard in Dec, Jan, Feb, March and a thick coating of ice on April 1st.

Angry Person – What the hell is wrong with you? Why the F would you pray for such a f-ing thing.

Charlie – If you believe that prayer doesn’t work, then why do you care that I pray for blizzards?

Walking Dumb

RIP Walking Dead tv show. AMC turned great source material (graphic novel) and botched the story line with eye candy. I’m done.

I get that Andrew Lincoln wanted to leave and I understand that. However AMC could have let the actor leave gracefully, but keep Rick Grimes in the show; and it could have worked out because of a perfect coincidence in the graphic novel.

Where the TV show story line left off last season, is Rick and Negan’s climactic battle. Where the graphic novel picks up in the next episode after that, is that the story skips ahead many years later, and the story picks up where Carl is a young man, Judith is an adolescent, Rick and Negan are older. Rick is hobbled over by injury. Long story short – AMC could have stuck with the graphic novel story line, and cast an older Rick Grimes.

If you haven’t read the graphic novel – please do. The scenes are so much better.

And a 9 year old girl shooting a Colt Python double action revolver, and hitting targets with perfect aim, is completely ridiculous. I’ve shot .357 magnum handguns. They are mini hand cannons. The recoil is POWERFUL, even for grown men.

Walking Dumb

After next week, I’m likely done with Walking Dead. It’s turned into being silly and not thinking forward. Killing off Carl, then killing off Rick, kills off every future story arc from the comics. Sure, they can take Rick’s part in the comics, where Negan taunts him from the cell, and give that part to Michonne (which it seems like that’s exactly what they are doing). But it doesn’t work, and it will not work, because for the past almost 2 years of shows, Rick and Negan have an antagonistic relationship. Michonne does not. From the moment they met, Negan tried to mentally break Rick on top of the RV. Negan tried to break Rick at Alexandria. Negan tried to get to Rick through Carl. Negan’s interactions with Michonne were never on a psychological and personal level, as they were with Rick. AMC can attempt to do that, and it seems that they are with Negan bringing up Michonne’s son Andre. But that’s only exposition, and we never actually see or have met Andre. Exposition is much, much weaker than actual interaction.

To compare it with other stories, you can’t take the Darth Vader vs. Luke Skywalker antagonistic relationship, then kill off Luke in the middle of the story, and then replace that adversarial foundation that the reader has with a confrontation between Darth vs. Han Solo. It just doesn’t work. In a literary comparison, you can’t take the Agamemnon vs Achilles, prematurely kill off Achilles, and replace all his story lines with Agamemnon vs Ajax. Sure you COULD swap characters, but because they have no prior history of antagonism built up, the story lines, the tension and drama do not not work the same way, because they have very different motivations, strengths and weaknesses when played off of each other, change everything about the story going forward.