But kids need school to learn social skills

“But kids need school to learn social skills.”

That is the biggest argument I hear against home schooling.

But if schools are where kids learn social skills, and the overwhelming majority of adults were educated in public and private schools – then why is the social structure of society, broken?   If social skills are the biggest selling point for public and private schools; and I look around society and witness with my own eyes, the broken product that schools have created, it’s clear to me that school is worthless.


Usually I do laundry in the basement of my apartment building, and it’s just me and the insects and rodents. But today, I went to the shiny, sparkly clean new laundromat. As I was washing my socks and underwear, I realized something. This laundromat isn’t just a place to wash clothes.  It’s packed with single women!  It’s not loud, so I can (and did) strike up conversations. People just sitting around waiting, and they have nothing to do but chit chat.

I think I found a new Saturday night activity  🙂

Dweezil Zappa show at the Wellmont Theatre. Good times!

Friends and I, after the 3 1/2 hour Dweezil Zappa show at the Wellmont Theatre. Good times!!!

Here is an abbreviated set list. There were instrumentals that I didn’t catch the names of, so they are not written in this poorly spelled document.

Baby snakes
Zombie woof
call any vegetable
50 50
Absolutely free
Dog breath
Cosmic debris
Sleeping in a jar
Sleep dirt
Black napkins
Dirty Love
Keel it greasy
Trouble every day
Cleetus awrutis awrightus
Pound for a brown on the bus
The Meek shall inherit nuthin’
Muffin man

Finishing off a bottle – of flame-throwing gasoline!

It’s been said that, “You can always count on Charlie to finish off a bottle.”

What they meant was, a bottle of flame-throwing gasoline!

In this chapter of The Charlie Kirby Show!, while visiting Utah, Charlie gets to use a flame thrower … for agricultural purposes of course.

Audio frame rate?

One of my editor friends asked me if audio doesn’t record in a frame rate, then why must we select a frame rate in Avid, while importing it. I think that’s a great question! Here’s my take on it.

Video is recorded in frames per second, because a shutter actually opens and closes. On the other hand, when audio is recorded, it does not start, stop, start, stop, 24 times per second; however it recorded continuously. Audio frequency is recorded in a sample rate measured in kilo hertz for both analog and digital audio. This sample rate is usually 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz.

Regarding depth, digital audio depth is measured in bits. More bits = more information = more depth.

When you import audio into Avid, and it asks you what frame rate to bring it in as, that frame rate is really just an interpretation. This is because we need to edit video in frames per second. To edit the audio along with that video, Avid must translate the audio to frames per second. When editing audio in a DAW like Logic or Ableton, there are no frames. It’s just pure waveform put over a grid with a musical time signature like 4/4, and if you zoom in the timeline, you can see subdivisions like quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes. 
When editing audio in Avid or ProTools, we are also really looking at pure waveforms, but the audio is inside of a grid that we don’t see. That grid is frames per second.

Does that make sense? It might not now, but think on it for a bit, and it will click on inside of your mind! It took me a moment or two to get it. 🙂